Online classes are on the rise due to the growth of techno enabled classrooms.  83% of online students pass first time. Whether you are working fulltime or part time, you are now able to join world best tutors anywhere, anytime. 

Since the introduction of computer-based exams by CIMA 2015, students have performed differently in exams, some good some bad. To make sure you are comfortable with computer-based exams, the based way is to join online classes and get used to online environment.

Why CIMA online classes

  1. According to research, online classes students perform better in the exams as compared to other methods of learning. 
  2. Get chapter by chapter full recorded lessons, with in-depth topics coverage, you can pause and rewind, giving the ability to recap content at any time, this is something you do get in traditional face to face.
  3. Flexible schedule and environment

You choose the environment that improves your mind-set, this improves understand, choose to listen to your online classes at home, office, bedroom, coffee shop or getting your classes on the pod cast while at a gym, the choice is yours.

  1. Self-discipline and responsibility

Online classes develop you the discipline to create your own study plan and follow it, this is an important trait the employers are looking for and you need it!

  1. Faster progression  

Be ready for your CIMA, FIA and ACCA computer-based exams in few weeks, online classes are designed to get you ready for exams under 8 – 12 weeks.

  1. Affordable 

Enjoying classes for 6 months and still qualify for pass assured policy, it’s an incredible deal. 

Which courses can l take online?