Objective Tests are available throughout the year, stop procrastinating and book your exam in advance, this helps you to have a set date and work towards it. AVOID the temptation to reschedule the exams, it is very unlikely that you will be 100% ready, exams always bring a degree of anxiety and need for an extra day. Go for it as soon as you have done enough practice tests and mock exams.

Case study exams are sat four times a year, Feb, May, Aug and Nov, makes sure you complete objective tests ahead of time and have enough time to revise each subject content.

Look out for FREE resources shared by popular publishers online, they are very helpful additional resource. BPP workbooks are KEY to practising mini case studies.

3 key study Tips

Create a study routine and stick to it.

Once you have registered, target to complete one level per year. Enrol with a tuition provider early and purchase your study material as soon as possible. Plot practice tests, mock exam and final exam dates on the calendar. STICK TO YOUR DATES!

Practice more questions, questions and more questions.

Nothing beats preparation through simulating the exam set up. Get as many questions as possible and attempt them under timed conditions. Revise and do self-assessments based on syllabus weighting and outcomes.

One the day of the exam – Pace yourself in a consistent manner, attempt the simple questions first and flag the harder ones for later.

Be familiar with the exam platform by attempting a FREE practice test on Pearson Vue. Each exam always has easy marks, go for them first, bang as many as you can, flag the ones you are unsure and revert back to them later. Avoid guessing, but use it as a last resort if you run out of time or you don’t know the question completely, sometime, you make a good guess and get the marks!