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Graduate School of Accounting is a privately-owned business school delivering professional qualifications throughout South Africa. We are specialist in CIMA, ACCA and CFA courses. We offer face to face tuition, online classes, supported distance learning and exam preparation sessions. We strive to be the most preferred CIMA registered tuition provider.
We are passionate about education, our study options are designed to bridge the gap between traditional and technology based learning, in so doing we making your learning easy, visible, measurable and mobile. Our team spend a lot of time conducting research to understand what students want, in so doing we have mastered the art of delivering quality tuition in all our offerings..

Choose your Career in accounting and finance

CIMA Qualification

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants is the world’s largest professional body of Management Accountants with 227,000 members and students in 179 countries. 

ACCA Qualification

ACCA is the world’s fastest-growing gateway to the accountancy profession, helping people to become successful accountancy professionals.

ICB Qualification

The ICB’s 5 business studies programmes are designed to give you the most relevant, practical and useful knowledge and skills around.


Online Live Classes

Online Live courses allow you to join an expert tutor and your peers from your workplace, home or anywhere you have internet access. These classes are delivered via Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Online Live courses provide great structure to your learning.  Classes are conducted part time evening and weekends (following a timetable that is available online)

We provide you with all the physical materials you will need prior to the course (including textbooks and course notes) to support your learning.

Online Digital Classes

Study anytime, anywhere with 24/7 access to online classes

Our online digital lectures cover all the key aspects of the syllabus and allow you to study at your own pace. This therefore allows you to review and revise content as needed, as well as to personalise your studies by progressing at a pace that works for you.

Home Study & Home Study Plus

Designed to fit perfectly into working professionals work, facility and social lifestyles.

Students are supplied with full set of study material and unlimited access to support via online tutor PLUS, more than 500 High quality chapter by chapter online practice question bank Questions covert the entire full CIMA syllabus. Pass Assured Guarantee, if you fail, we give you free access again at NO cost. Unlimited access for 90 days

Real people real testimonials

“Thanks to the CIMA Qualification, I have a greater understanding of financial concepts as well as general business knowledge. I can now look and make sense of financials, develop, and execute business strategy”
– Lewis Rwafa (Founder and CEO Graduate SA)

“CIMA FLP structure is relevant to real business world; it changes the way people think from the traditional academic textbook way to solution based forward thinking. Its flexible and allowed me to fit the studies into my other life commitments. The FLP classes , practice tests, mock exams, and the classes support by GraduateSA made it easier for my ICS preparation, well-coordinated, high quality and there was always someone to speak to, always!”

– Alina Makau

“CIMA FLP competency-based model is fantastic because if tests student ability to provide business solutions. The platform is a one stop learning hub, it provides all resources under one roof making it easier to learn and prepare for exams” . Graduate SA is amazing, the pre seen analysis by the tutor was a game changer, it gave me full understanding and insights into what to expect. The mock exams and feedback by the tutor was the best thing that worked for me.”

– Florence Nyamunda CIMA FLP

“I wouldn’t have come this far without the support from Graduate SA. The classes are of high quality, well-structured and well resourced. Lewis and team truly cares about my progress. Their prompt response is amazing, something that makes them different “
– Sumira Veeragaloo CIMA student

“I completed two FLP levels under the 1-year subscription, thanks to Graduate SA online classes , they helped me complete my skills competencies quickly . The LIVE ICS classes are a game changer” . Being able to access my tutor 24/7 if the difference and game changer “
– Ayanda Ndlovu CIMA FLP

“ Graduate SA is different, the way they work is more personalised, I highly recommend Graduate SA; I completed 2 levels with my 1-year FLP subscription. The support is amazing, the resources supplied made it easier to navigate and complete learning competencies quicker. The tutor tasks, mocks and feedback prepared me well for the Case Study exams”
– Tshegofatso Malatji CIMA FLP

“Those times when l was getting tired , Lewis frequently checked on me and the virtual chats helped me to keep going . The classes are interactive and gave me the opportunity get engaged in deep discussion with fellow mates ,I highly recommend GraduateSA to anyone looking for real support“
– Dudu Khumalo.

“GraduateSA, unlike other institutions, when I had a financial crisis and l couldn’t proceed with my studies for over a year, they kept my account as it was and told me I can continue my studies when I am ready. I didn’t start from R0 balance and proceeded from where I left from, and that was exceptional to me. I even told them I can’t pay all I owed at that time, but they still gave me access to the site to start with my modules. I highly recommend GraduateSA, their working ethics are amazing. And it’s not just about making profit but about you as a student!!! That spoke volumes to me.”

– Nosipho Fanisi – CIMA Operational Level

“I found the pre seen tasks and mock exams provided by GraduateSA to be of great help. The lecturer was incredible, and the support team led by Lewis was excellent, they kept the “vibe “high and motivation was key to get through the exam preparation. The materials and classes come highly recommended, they really helped, and you need any material you can get your hands on”

– Mpho Waleng CIMA Managerial Level.

“I encourage students to sign up with a CIMA service provider. The lectures really helped me because besides reading you need to do a lot of questions and insights of the case study. I managed to get the exposure of how to answer questions for MCS. The tutor feedback was a game changer. GraduateSA is excellent, their passion is visible in their service delivery, furthermore, they are very reliable , After I signed up with them, it didn’t even take a week to receive all the study material. The lecturers are always available and the support by Lewis and team is incredible”

– Joinah Tahwa – CIMA Managerial Level Case Study.

“The team really cares; Lewis went all the way to get me additional resources for my case study exam preparation, for FREE, l didn’t have to pay for everything. If you are serious about passing CIMA, speak to Lewis ”
– Vivienne Kalliseni CGMA

“I wasn’t sure on what to study , Graduate SA shaped my career. The advice was genuine and now hold a bachelor’s degree”

– Lilly Collete

“After 5 years of taking a break from CIMA studies, I was made aware of the FLP programme, to get back into my studies and work towards completing it. The structure of the programme and how I could take this in my own hands and ensure that I can complete my studies in quick succession. Doing this with the support and assistance of Graduate SA has made my studying journey easier as well as motivating, as the facilitators follow up and keep track of my progress. If you are looking to have an institution to support you and not go about it on your own, I would recommend giving Graduate SA a call. 😉”

– Dud Khumalo

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