Your CIMA Regional Advisory Panel Member! – Lewis Rwafa

Question and answer segment with Lewis Rwafa – CIMA Regional Advisory Panel Member in Africa

Firstly, congratulations on appointment as CIMA Regional Advisory Panel Member in Africa- Lewis!

Describe yourself in 3 words – 

Analytical, thorough and approachable.

When and where did your journey with CIMA begin?

In 2011 while I was working for one of the top tuition providers in South Africa.

Why CIMA, particularly for you, given your Marketing background?

I had always wanted to study a business qualification but l wasn’t sure which one. Working daily with CIMA students exposed me to a front row view of what CIMA really was and what it could do for me as a professional. I enrolled and have slowly progressed to where I am now, currently studying the Managerial Level.

What drives your confidence in CIMA

CIMA students are amazing! I have been privileged to be a part of many CGMA success stories, witnessing the emotions- tears, leaps, screams, thrills -when they pass exams.  This moves me and propels my urge to make a difference in someone life. Over the years, l worked with many students from top corporates companies across South Africa including but not limited to: Vodacom, Hyundai, Transnet, Tetrapak, KPMG. Working with executives as students has been a delight and their desire to succeed in exams is remarkable, to say the least.

What 3 habits do you figure would increase the chances for CIMA students of passing.

  1. Good time management-make the time for study and start on your material as early as possible
  2. Put effort – Go the extra mile to master the material
  3. Never give up – Stay positive in your journey

CIMA standards are quite high, a pass requires a combination of commitment, hard work, consistency, never giving up and the right support from your college.

What are your personal highlights in your journey with CIMA?

Firstly – Being elected CIMA Regional Advisory Panel Member in May 2019, this was exciting and I feel honoured that my passion and commitment to the brand is recognised by members and students.

Second -CIMA has equipped me with exceptional understanding of key business drivers that shape and influence business operations. CIMA has equipped me with, among others, the skill to manage my workload effectively and efficiently.


What are you bringing to the table now that you have been elected CIMA Regional Advisory Panel Member in Africa?

I am a typical CIMA student with ground knowledge of the challenges faced by fellow CIMA students, this and my passion for professional education, I believe, equips me to represent the perspective of contemporary CIMA students in Africa. I look forward to continue working with the CIMA local office and students.

Who is Graduate School of Accounting and what is your role there?

Graduate School of Accounting (GSA) was born out of the passion for professional education, GSA is a CIMA registered tuition provider. Since inception it has been instrumental in getting students to progress faster with CIMA. The GSA objective is simple: Help students pass! My role at GSA: Get you to pass through well-crafted flexible tuition options, ranging from online classes, distance learning, interactive exam preparation platforms and many more tailor-made learning solutions.

Non CIMA related question, what are you well known for among your family and friends?

 I am the Football Wikipedia!… l must know all there is to know about football and I love the most beautiful game!l am basically a fanatic ☺