Top student in south africa 2018 may ics exam – Sharon Takuva


Why did you choose to study CIMA from the broad spectrum of qualifications available?

I wanted to progress my career in the finance field but also doing a qualification that is recognised globally.  My boss told me about CIMA and I looked it up and it was the perfect fit.  I loved the fact that I can set my own goals and progress at my own time.

You have progressed with CIMA so quickly, what is your strategy in passing the exams?

I set targets and write them down.  Planning is key so I make sure I plan everything properly so that I know when I am studying and what I am studying.  I feel CIMA tests your understanding of the material and not your ability to regurgitate answers so when I study I make sure I get the “why” I am learning this.  I also find that the sooner you write your objective tests the better your marks are because everything is still fresh in your memory. 

What advice would you give to other students preparing for CIMA exams?

My advice would be, once you put your mind to it just do it.  Go through the course material thoroughly and leave no stone unturned.  Book the exam at the beginning of the course so that you have an actual goal that keeps you motivated.  You must always be working towards something.

How do you manage our studies, family and your love for gym?

My life mantra is “If it’s important, you will make time for it.” My family is important to me but so is my job and my running.  I am a marathon runner and anyone who has ever run a marathon will tell you that the race is run in your head first.  This is how I have managed to maintain a balance between work, family, studies and my running.  Everything is planned and I know when I am doing what… after all, all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy J

What has been your experience with working with Graduate School of Accounting?

Graduate School of Accounting is very professional and I love the personal touch they put to providing you their services.  They hold your hand through the whole process and that makes one feel important and not just a number.  I would use them any day.

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