Are you thinking of entering a new career path? The Financial Service industry has grown and evolved over the years and is a wise career choice for individuals who wish to pursue a stable career trajectory.

Let’s discuss some of the options:

Financial Analyst

As a Financial Analyst, you will be covering financial data, trends and observe the financial markets closely. Part of your responsibilities as a financial analyst is to research micro and macro-economic conditions and predictions within the business industry. Being a Financial Analyst has many attributes to it such as working with important data, handling of confidential information and provide recommendations to improve business.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management can be defined as the selection and control over a company’s programmes and projects. As a portfolio manager, your primary role will be to create and manage investment allocations for private clients. Portfolio Management is one of the most respected roles in the finance industry.


Securities Trader

Securities Traders are individuals who do work at commercial banks, investment banks, hedge funds and asset management firms. Traders buy and sell various work such as stocks, crypto and commodities in numerous markets. There are a variety of types of trader positions such as buy-side traders, sell-side traders, and hedge fund traders.

Financial Planner

Financial Planners advise their clients to develop plans to ensure their present and future financial stability. As a Financial Planner, you will review your clients’ financial goals and generate the best suited strategy for saving and investing.

The finance jobs in Cape Town are not limited if you meet the qualifications and skills required. The careers paths are endless in the financial industry, choose one that best suits your career goals.

Graduate School of Accounting  works closely with industry leaders and top leading recruiting agencies to ensure opportunities are made available to finance professionals and students.

Article was – Written by CA Financial Appointments – Identifying Exceptional Financial Talent