Online classes (Premium)

The key features of Online Classes are:

Study plans

Studies are broken down into steps and manageable study sessions. The course will start on a specific date and you will be required to follow a learning plan at a set pace. Once you’ve registered you simply follow the online learning plan and enjoy the convenience of home study without missing out on critical information or techniques discussed in class.

Study resources

Each study session includes a summary of your curriculum reading, additional learning material, recorded lectures and practice questions and answers.

Achievement ladder

A series of practice questions, progress tests and mock exams help you track your progress, identify your strengths and weaknesses and improve your performance.

Expert tutors

You will be assigned an experienced tutor who will guide and support you, answering your queries and giving personal feedback. Your assigned tutor will also monitor if you are progressing at the right pace. They have one aim – for you to pass first time.

Student advisors

You will also be assigned a student advisor to help you stay on track and direct you to additional areas of support if you miss a step on your achievement ladder.
Webinar and focus sessions
You will be directed to webinars and focus sessions by your student advisor for areas where you need additional help.


Access to online course content is usually made available 2 weeks prior to the course start date. This will allow you to add 2 weeks to the course length if you have registered in time.

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