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Interactive Exam Prep Platform

Student get access to 500 practice test questions per paper. More questions equal more practice, and practice makes perfect.
The online platform gives the student an impressive number of questions and also provide you with educative answers.
Study mode or exam simulator. Study how you want. Within study mode, you can attempt questions at your own pace and get instant feedback on your answers and an explanation of the correct answer. You can choose a specific area of the syllabus that you want to improve or test.
Real exam experience. Select an exam with up to 60 questions. Have the option to skip questions and flag them for later review. Test yourself under exam conditions and then get a full report showing your results with feedback.

The full MOCK consists of 60 challenging questions designed to replicate the real exam. These questions are taken randomly from the subject question database, weighted to be representative of the topic weights in the syllabus.
It uses the exam mode, meaning that you will see the results only after you have completed the test.
It is time-limited, with only 90 minutes to answer the 60 questions, so you will experience the time pressure that you will be under in the real exam.

On the Results Page, you will see your score broken down by part (and even subpart) of the syllabus so that you will have a clear picture of the areas you are good at and where you still need to improve. 

Interactive Exam Prep Platform Pass Assurance Policy

Pass Assurance – If you use the interactive platform to prepare for your CIMA exam and are unlucky with your final exam result for that paper, we will prolong your access to the tool until you pass your exam. Just email us on

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