ICB Examinations


Your Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) is an amazing tool to help you study. One PoE per subject per exam will be made available to you via Macci, after the ICB receives your exam entry for a specific subject. As soon as you get access to your PoE check that all your personal details are correct.  Read through the PoE and make sure to follow all the steps indicated.

Tests and Assignments

For every subject, the ICB sets 3 Assignments and 2 Tests that help you to test your knowledge during your studies. All tests and assignments forms part of your PoE and will be made available to you on MACCI, in a consequential manner.

Your PoE has all the tools that will help you to study your programme:

  • Learning Phase 1 – Assignment 1
    Test 1
  • Learning Phase 2 – Assignment 2
    Test 2
  • Learning Phase 3 – Assignment 3
  • Final Exam


30% of your final mark comes from the Assignments and Tests you do during your course and 70% of your final mark comes from your final exam.

Exams are sat in the following months: February, May, August and November.

Applying for ICB exemptions https://www.icb.org.za/learnerships-rpl/#toggle-id-6

“It’s all about planning, hardworking and the right support from your college. Graduate School of Accounting gave me the right tools for managerial level and ICS preparation”.

– Sharon Takuva – CIMA ICS Top Student May 2018 South Africa

“The classes are great, lecturer is passionate and knowledgeable about CIMA, my study material was supplied in time and l was given payment plan to spread my fees. I wouldn’t ask for anything more. I passed my subjects and progressing with confidence. I highly recommend Graduate School of Accounting to anyone serious about passing CIMA.”

– Farai Makiwa – CIMA certificate level

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