FIA Qualification

ACCA – FIA Foundations in Accountancy, 

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) awards the Foundation in Accountancy (FIA), which is a highly regarded and recognized initial qualification for anyone interested in a career in accountancy and finance. These awards focus on the core skills of financial and management accounting, which provide students with flexible entry points with certification awarded at each level of the FIA programme, allowing students to tailor the awards, and making them an attractive and relevant choice for employers. The diploma serves as a logical gateway to more advanced specializations such as the Advanced ACCA diploma and the complete ACCA qualification. 

On successful completion of the Diploma in Accounting and Business exams, students can automatically be transferred onto the ACCA Qualification, free of charge, and will be exempted from the first three exams of the ACCA Qualification (BT – Business and Technology, MA – Management Accounting, and FA – Financial Accounting). 

Entry Requirements, 

Students with no formal academic qualifications can register to take exams at any level within Foundations in Accountancy. Full syllabus obtained here Click here to see detailed syllabus of ACCA FIA 

Qualification requirements, 

It is important to note that exams FAB, FMA and FFA within Foundations in Accountancy are exactly the same as exams F1, F2 and F3 of the ACCA Qualification and share identical syllabuses, study guides and assessment methods. Students who complete F1, F2 and F3 of the ACCA Qualification and Foundations in Professionalism will also be awarded the Diploma in Accounting and Business. 

The ACCA FIA course covers a range of subjects that form the core competencies required to pursue a professional qualification in this industry. It has been specifically designed to enable our students to earn multiple diplomas and certificates as they progress and complete the required examinations as stated below:  

Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting RQF Level 2 

  • Recording Financial Transactions (FA1) 
  • Management Information (MA1) 

Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting RQF Level 3 

  • Managing Financial Records (FA2) 
  • Managing Costs and Finance (MA2) 

Diploma in Accounting and Business RQF Level 4 

  • Business and Technology (FBT) 
  • Management Accounting (FMA) 
  • Financial Accounting (FFA) 


Examinations are available, all year round (Computer Based Exams at any accredited testing centre). 

Tuition Fees 

Home Study   R2950 
Online classes  R3950 

 Study resources supplied 

Textbooks, Exam Practice Kits, Course Notes, Progress and Consolidation Tests and Mock exams. 


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