Gateway – Accelerated CIMA Entry Route

There are two accelerated entry routes for members of professional bodies:

Management Gateway Exam

The Master’s gateway route is an accelerated entry route to the CIMA Professional Qualification and the globally recognised CGMA designation for individuals who hold an MBA, ACCA and other recognised qualifications. You can apply to enter the CIMA qualification at management level by attempting the Management Case Study Exam (also called the CIMA Gateway Exam). 

The CIMA Gateway Exam has the following features:

Duration – Three-hour long computer-based case study exam 

Bases – Based on pre-seen material which is released six weeks before the exam.

Exams – Available in four windows a year (Feb, May, Aug and Nov) 

Areas covered – Assesses knowledge and competencies covered in the Management level

SAICA Gateway Exam

SAICA members can enter the CIMA qualification at strategic level and have to sit the Strategic Case Study Exam. Depending on the individual work experience, student may be required to pass the E3. The Strategic Case Study exam will test your application based on the content from the strategic level papers E3, P3 and F3.

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