CIMA Corporate Professional Pathway

Your professional background is important. The fast route will broaden your job horizons. The CGMA Corporate Professional Pathway was created to provide numerous entry points to the CIMA Professional Qualification based on your job experience in finance, accounting, and business activities. 

CIMA Global Special Pathway standards requirements: 

  • CFO Executive pathway  
  • CA Pathway  
  • SAIBA  
  • C-Sep Pathway  
  • CPP  
  • CPP  

CIMA Global Special Pathway 


Qualifying Criteria 

Point of Entry 

CFO Executive pathway 

10 years and more Executive/ Senior Management experience in Finance and/ or Business 

Strategic Case Study Level  

CA (SA)  

Must be CA (SA) qualified and hold a good standing with SAICA 

Strategic Case Study Level 


7 years and more Senior Management experience in Finance and/ or Business 

Management Case Study & Strategic Case Study 

CPP – Management 

6 years and more management experience 

Management Case Study 

CPP – Operational 

3 years and more finance/ management experience  

Operational Case Study 



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