CIMA Finance Leadership Program

The new digital-first route to the globally recognised CIMA Professional Qualification

The CGMA Finance Leadership Program is designed to equip finance professionals with the necessary skills, practical experience, and forward-thinking, entrepreneurial mindset.

It’s an online learning program that teaches you the finance, business, people, and leadership skills you’ll need to succeed in the finance team of the future. It’s similar in scope and rigor to a master’s degree. The comprehensive FLP platform houses all of your learning, evaluations, and Case Study exam preparation.

What will you learn?

  • Technical skills – Applying technical accounting and finance skills in different business situations 100% 100%
  • Business skills – Transforming data into insights and strategy 100% 100%
  • People skills – How to communicate, influence, negotiate and collaborate 100% 100%
  • Leadership skills – Building and motivating teams and driving performance 100% 100%
  • Digital skills – Manage and guide the finance function in a digital world 100% 100%

Why choose the CGMA Finance Leadership Program?

Completely online – You will complete all of your studying, examinations, and Case Study exam preparation on a comprehensive online platform.

Topics are assessed continuously while you learn, In lieu of objective tests,

The package contains all of the resources needed to earn your CIMA certification.

Self-paced digital environment – Take online courses whenever, whenever and at your own pace.

Videos from tutors, interactive exercises, business simulation projects and mock tests are all provided,

Registration, learning, exam preparation, assessments, and exams are all included in the fees.

The course is identical to that of the Professional qualification


FLP Tuition Packages

Standard Package Premium Package
  • Everything you need to complete the CGMA FLP is included, no supplementary learning, tuition support or materials are required. Regardless of length, each subscription includes:

    • Registration fee
    • Student fees
    • Case study exam fee
    • All learning materials
    • All assessment materials
    • Interactive exercises
    • Business simulation assignments
    • Access to tutor videos about how to approach your case study exam 
    • Video analysis of the pre-seen materials for your case study window 
    • Graded case study mock exams with personalised feedback 
  • Institute Fees – CIMA registration, exemption, and annual subscription fees.
  • All OTs at all levels have access to online study materials and self-assessments.
  • Online tuition for case study exam preparation
  • 2 exam tokens for Case study (one exam and one re-sit token) for all levels
  • Additional course notes to supplement OT assessments preparation.


·         Graduate School of Accounting ICS LIVE virtual classes.

·         CIMA recommended course notes.

·         Case Study pre seen material, tasks, and mock exams.

·         Unlimited tutor support.



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