CIMA Examinations

Objective Tests Integrated Case Study – ICS
Each paper will be assessed by an Objective Test. This is a computer-based exam which will be available on-demand. Students will be able to attempt these in any order and write whenever they are ready. Once you have attempted an OT the results will be available immediately. The Integrated Case Study combines the knowledge from each of the subjects within each respective level. Students can only attempt the ICS once they have successfully completed each OT from within the level. After completing the three OTs and ICS for a level, students can progress to the next level.
More information about the OT:
• On PC
• 90 minutes long
• Marked by computer
• Short questions, including multiple-choice, multiple response, data entry, fill-in- gaps, etc.
• On demand – can be sat at any time with immediate results
• Students must complete 3 OTs at each level before they can attempt the ICS
• Pass score is 100

More information about the ICS:
• On PC
• Three hours long
• Marked by an examiner
• Long questions – similar to the previous written exams
• Integrated case study covers all subjects within the level
• Exams available quarterly (Feb, May, Aug and Nov)
• Pass mark is 80


CIMA online exams

What is Online Proctoring?

CIMA allows students to take their exams remotely using online proctoring. Online proctoring, or invigilation, is a way to supervise test-takers and ensure honesty while preventing cheating.

How Does CIMA Exam Proctoring Work?

CIMA is using Pearson OnVUE to safely and securely proctor your upcoming exams. Using Pearson OnVUE, CIMA can guarantee that exam results are reliable while providing a fair testing environment for all students. Each tester will have an assigned proctor that will monitor the test using your device’s webcam and microphone.

With exam proctoring, you’ll be able to take your exams from the comfort of your home. You’ll need a quiet environment for testing. The room must be walled with a closed door and free of distractions. Other people are not allowed in the room with you while you’re testing.

“It’s all about planning, hardworking and the right support from your college. Graduate School of Accounting gave me the right tools for managerial level and ICS preparation”.

– Sharon Takuva – CIMA ICS Top Student May 2018 South Africa

“The classes are great, lecturer is passionate and knowledgeable about CIMA, my study material was supplied in time and l was given payment plan to spread my fees. I wouldn’t ask for anything more. I passed my subjects and progressing with confidence. I highly recommend Graduate School of Accounting to anyone serious about passing CIMA.”

– Farai Makiwa – CIMA certificate level

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