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CFA Qualification

The CFA qualification is a “globally recognised, graduate level curriculum that links theory and practice with real-world investment analysis and portfolio management skills.” The program focuses on portfolio management, asset valuation, financial reporting and corporate finance. The CFA Program consists of a series of three examinations (Levels I, II,
and III) that are offered annually in June, with the exception of Level I candidates who also have the option of sitting for the exam in December.

Getting Started – Entry Requirements

To enrol in the CFA® Program and register for your first exam, a student must have one of the following:
• A bachelor’s or equivalent degree, or 
• 4 year’s professional work experience (it doesn't have to be investment related), or 
• A combination of professional work experience and education totalling 4 years (part-time work doesn’t apply) Students needs to register and pay institutes fees directly with CFA.

Exams are held in June and December each year. Results are available within 60 days following your exam.

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