CIMA Exams

All CIMA exams are computer based and sat on demand.

Certificate level

  1. BA1, BA2 and BA3 consist of 60 compulsory objective test questions.
  2. BA4 consists of 85 objective test questions.
  3. All objective tests are 2 hours long and results are available immediately.
  4. A minimum score of 100 is required to pass the exam.

Objective Tests (OTs)

Each paper will be assessed by an Objective Test. This is a computer based exam which will be available on-demand. Students will be able to attempt these in any order and write whenever they are ready. Once you have attempted an OT the results will be available immediately.

More information about the OT:

90 minutes long
Marked by computer
Short questions, including multiple-choice, multiple response, data entry and fill-in- gaps
on demand – can be sat at any time with immediate results
Students must complete 3 OTs at each level before they can attempt the ICS
Pass score is 100

Integrated Case Study (ICS):

The Integrated Case Study combines the knowledge from each of the subjects within each respective level. Students can only attempt the ICS once they have successfully completed each OT from within the level. After completing the three OTs and ICS for a level, students can progress to the next level. CIMA releases the factious company 6 – 8 weeks before the exam period and students can work through it as part of the exam preparation.

Structure of ICS:

Three hours long
Marked by an examiner
Long questions guided with triggers e.g. emails, memos and reports.
Integrated case study covers all subjects within the level
Exams available in Feb, May, Aug and Nov
Pass mark is 60%

Where can I write my exams?

Any Pearson Vue Authorised Computer Based Test Centre. Book your exam via MY CIMA